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📚 Coach's Playbook


A Simple Guide for Youth Rec Soccer

Coaches, this guide offers a collection of set plays for soccer games. Remember, these are just starting points - feel free to adapt them to suit your team’s skill level and abilities. Keep it simple, especially at the beginning of the season.

Set Plays

Corner Kicks

  • Corner kicks are a great opportunity to score or create scoring chances. Here’s a video tutorial on three effective short corner kick combinations that you can adapt for your team.

3 Effective SHORT Corner Kick Combinations

Note: The video is a helpful resource, but always remember to adjust the plays to fit your team’s skill level. As the season progresses, you can add more complexity if it suits your team.

By incorporating these set plays into your game strategy, you’re giving your team more tools to succeed on the field. Keep it simple, make adjustments as needed, and most importantly, have fun!