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Skills & Drills

A Soccer Training Guide

Coaches, this guide offers a collection of drills designed to improve various soccer skills. Feel free to adapt these drills to suit your team’s skill level and needs.

Soccer Drive

Here are age-group specific soccer skills provided by Soccer Drive


This drill is excellent for warm-ups and focuses on dribbling and defending in open field situations.

1v1 To Endlines | Fun Soccer Drills by MOJO

Pass & Move

This drill is great for warming up your players. Get them to move after they pass and communicate!

Soccer Drill - Pass & Move

  • Set up a grid of cones.
  • Players must pass the ball to a teammate and then move to a new space within the grid.
  • Encourages awareness and movement.

Positional Scrimmage

  • Split the field into thirds long-ways using cones. Set up a mini-game (3v1 or 3v2) where each player must stay in their lane.
  • This forces players to pass the ball since they can’t leave their zones.
  • The defenders can move freely between zones, but make sure they spread out.
| --- Zone 1 --- | --- Zone 1 --- | --- Zone 1 ---  |
|                .    X           .                 |
|   X            .    .           .            X    |
|            O   .      O         .                 |
|                .                .                 |
|                .                .                 |
----------------------| Goal |-----------------------

Relay Drill

This drill is designed to promote team passing to move the ball up the field.

  • The players start out next to the cone on the field.
  • The two lines begin by passing the ball to the next player.
  • Once the ball reaches the end, the ball is then passed back up.
  • The first line to score wins.
  • Rotate all players clockwise and play again.
  • The goalie is trying to stop both lines, they are a nuetral player.
  • Utilize all players. Make the line as long as needed.
|   x             x   |
|   .                 |
|   x             x   |
|                  .  |
|   x             x   |
|                     |
|_____     x     _____|
      |  goal   |

Across the Square

This drill is designed to improve dribbling skills and teaches players how to navigate through defenders.

Soccer Drills - Top Dribbling Drill, Dribble Across Square

v    x    x     v
x      x       x
v   x    x      v

Rondo Drill

Soccer Drill - Spread-out Rondo


Learn how to execute precise throw-ins with this group drill.

How To Make A Precise Soccer Throw-in | Group Drill | Throw-in TV #5

How do I know which skills to practice?

After each game, take some time to note which skills need improvement. Use these observations to plan your next practice session, focusing on the areas that need the most attention.

By incorporating these drills into your training sessions, you’re equipping your players with the skills they need to excel on the field.