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Team Communication

Elevate Your Game with the Right Tools

Coaches, it’s time to level up your communication game. Specialized team apps aren’t just a luxury - they’re a game-changer for keeping everyone on the same page.

Top Picks: Apps You Should Be Using

Ditch the old ways and embrace these top-rated platforms:

  1. GameChanger
  2. Heja
  3. Remind
  4. TeamSnap
  5. SMS (Avoid if at all possible)

Why You’ll Love Using an App

  • Streamlined Transitions: Team changes are inevitable. An app makes these transitions a breeze, from player exits to parental updates.
  • Parental Superpowers: Let parents take some admin off your plate. Apps like GameChanger and Heja empower them to manage contact lists.
  • Built-in Calendars: No more missed practices or games. Apps like GameChanger, Heja, and TeamSnap offer built-in calendars, so everyone’s on the same page. You can even sync them with your personal calendar so you never miss a beat.


  • Heads Up: SMS might seem easy, but it’s a logistical nightmare for teams larger than five. Save yourself the headache.