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📚 Coach's Playbook

Practice At Home

Your Secret Play for Team Success

Coaches, let’s face it - practice time is limited. That’s why it’s crucial to inspire your players to take the game home with them. Turn their living rooms, backyards, or local parks into extensions of your practice field.

The Power of Specific Tasks

  • Don’t just say, “Practice at home.” Give them specific drills or exercises to complete before the next session. This not only reinforces skills but also instills a sense of responsibility and commitment.

Track Progress: Charts to Inspire

Sweeten the Deal: Simple Rewards

  • A little incentive goes a long way. Offer rewards like sports stickers, a choice of a song for the practice playlist, or picking a fun game for the end of practice when they complete a row on the chart.

By actively encouraging at-home practice, you’re doing more than fostering a love for the game - you’re elevating their skills and making every team practice a high-impact event.