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📚 Coach's Playbook

Help at Practice

Parental Involvement

Parents (aka Assistant Coaches) Are Ready to Help.

Coaches, consider parents as your untapped assistant coaches. They’re a resource you don’t want to overlook.

At Practice

  • Don’t hesitate to delegate! Need help with drills or stations? Clearly outline what you need, and you’ll be surprised how many parents are ready to jump in.


  • Can’t make it to a game? No worries - parents can be your stand-ins. Their support is invaluable and can make all the difference.

Pro Tips

  • Keep the lines of communication wide open. A heads-up about when you’ll need extra hands can go a long way.
  • A simple ‘thank you’ can do wonders. Acknowledging parents’ efforts not only fosters a positive environment but also encourages future involvement.

By tapping into this parent power, you’re not just lightening your load - you’re building a stronger, more engaged team community.